About Us

BREAKING: Local college girl busts butt to pay her rent...

Okay JUST KIDDING. The loans cover the rent and I am not living under a bridge, but over the last few years I found I had a knack for designing things, and LOVED messing around on Photoshop (even some video work from time to time), and several friends and family members said I could make some money doing it!

Fast forward a few years, a few failures, and many learning lessons... here I am with my own brand and newly established website, trying to make some super rad shirts for people like you! From the beginning of this adventure, my goal above all else was to create products that make people happy. Before I got to where I am today, for months I listened carefully to customers' requests and preferences, critically analyzing the modern graphic t-shirt market. After not too long, I very clearly realized the opportunity to create something that it seemed nobody else could... T-shirts that are truly unique, high quality, and affordable. I am overjoyed by this opportunity to use my talents and creativity to create products that bring happiness and satisfaction to my customers. Thanks so much to any and all for the support, making this dream possible 💕

- Sammy :) 


For inquiries about bulk orders, collaborations, general questions, concerns, etc., please head to the "Get In Touch" tab and we will get back to you ASAP