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The fee I pay to have your shirt re-shipped. Do NOT buy this unless we spoke about it!


We ship our shirts FAST. Processing time is 1-4 days and shipping time 2-3 days after that.

TLDR: If you don't have your shirt after 7 business days, LET US KNOW. We will make it right, we promise.

Return policy

Alright, FINE - this is the worst part about our shop. Why are our prices lower than everyone else, you ask?? Because we don't have a big warehouse we stash your shirts in. We make these babies PER ORDER which allows us to keep shipping FAST and prices LOW. The downside - you guessed it - is we can't take returns/exchanges. However what we can do (and absolutely will) is make it right. Period. Message us and let us know your story. We will do what we can to offer you a super discounted next shirt or maybe just a full refund if we can swing it. <3

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