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Mason Ramsey - Unisex t-shirt

Mason Ramsey - Unisex t-shirt

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THIS IS IT. This is your favorite new vintage-styled, shirt that will NOT break the bank. Retro, bootleg, 90s...whatever you call it.

THE FIT: This shirt is a Gildan 5000, so it's 100% cotton and fits on the boxier side for average builds. IMPORTANT: If you want the oversized look like in some of the listing images, you MUST order 1-2 sizes above your regular fit! As is, these shirts fit generally TRUE TO SIZE, if not SLIGHTLY small! Hint: Peep the attached size chart! Being 100% cotton, this shirt WILL shrink upon washing/drying, so follow this care guide!

WASH GUIDE: For the absolute best lifespan of your shirt, flip it inside out before washing to best preserve the print, wash on COLD, GENTLE cycle (come on, you're not getting it that dirty, are you? 😂 ) and dry on LOW heat on DELICATE setting! Or if you're real old school, hang dry it.

THE WORST PART ABOUT THE SHOP: Because every shirt we sell is made to order, we *cannot* offer free exchanges for size issues (we don't have a huge warehouse to store the exchanged shirts in). So, before you order, PLEASE make sure you have the right size and if you're unsure, just message us, we'll try to find the absolute BEST fit.


We ship our shirts FAST. Processing time is 1-4 days and shipping time 2-3 days after that.

TLDR: If you don't have your shirt after 7 business days, LET US KNOW. We will make it right, we promise.

Return policy

Alright, FINE - this is the worst part about our shop. Why are our prices lower than everyone else, you ask?? Because we don't have a big warehouse we stash your shirts in. We make these babies PER ORDER which allows us to keep shipping FAST and prices LOW. The downside - you guessed it - is we can't take returns/exchanges. However what we can do (and absolutely will) is make it right. Period. Message us and let us know your story. We will do what we can to offer you a super discounted next shirt or maybe just a full refund if we can swing it. <3

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